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The Real Version Of Cee Lo's "Forget You!"

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Warning...explicit language ahead.

A little bit of full disclosure about how I prefer my music.  If there is more than one version of a particular song I like, I generally prefer to go with the original version of how the artist intended it to be experienced.  This is especially true when it comes to profane language in any given song.  I do not like the so called watered down lyrics.

Enter Thomas DeCarlo Callaway's (a.k.a Cee Lo Green), "Forget You!"  For the longest time, I was under the impression that there was one and only one official version of "Forget You!"  That all changed after I saw the March 15, 2012 episode of Live From Daryl's House in which Green was the guest artist.

In the middle of the episode, Daryl Hall and his superb bandmates, along with Cee Lo, did a very good rendition of the full unedited version of "Fuck You!"  I haven't viewed "Forget You!" in the same light ever since!  Whenever I hear the "Forget You!" version now, all I can do is laugh!  It should be noted, perhaps somewhat ironically, that the original inspiration for the song comes from how Cee Lo views today's music industry and how they do business.  He definitely makes no secret of his disdain for it.  This song can be looked at as a big middle finger pointed directly at the head honchos who help create today's so called "music."

You've probably heard enough of my chatter by now!  Let's get on with the show!  In honor of those who feel that music is a form of free speech and should not be censored no matter what, here is the full unedited version of "Fuck You!" from LFDH the way it was meant to be seen and heard:

"I see you drivin' round town with the girl I love and I'm like, 'FUCK YOU!' "

One last thing.  It always cracks me up when I hear Daryl Hall sing such profane language.  How he's able to keep a straight face, I'll never know.  I guess that's why he's a professional and I'm not.

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