Saturday, October 27, 2018

WEEKEND PLAYLIST: World Series Special

The Dodgers are hoping to end a 30 year drought after making it to the World Series for the second year in a row. The Red Sox hope to spoil that. Whoever wins, we all win this weekend with a battle of the bands...three from L.A and three from Boston.

Who will win? Since the Dodgers are the home team, we'll give the visitors the first at bat...

"Rock and Roll Band" - Boston. Hmm, wonder where this band is from? Well, it say's it right there in the lyrics, "just another band out of Boston." Check out this classic autobiographical tune from a classic band.

"Good Vibrations" - Beach Boys. Just a couple of freeways away from Dodger Stadium, the Wilson boys and their cousin Mike Love must've heard their fare share of Vin Scully enhanced baseball games. Maybe this lush tune can send some good vibrations the blue crew's way.

"I'm Shipping up to Boston" - Dropkick Murphy's. Died in the wool Sox fans, the Dropkick Murphy's check in with their take on an old Woodie Guthrie tune.

"Light My Fire" - The Doors. L.A.'s own 60's classic band, Jim Morrison's vocals can maybe light a fire under the boys in blue with their entry.

"Dream On" - Aerosmith. Are the boys at Fenway dreaming when they think they can take it all this year? Local boys Steven Tyler and Joe Perry hope it'll all turn out to be real.

"Give it Away" - Red Hot Chili Peppers. Southern California's Anthony Keidis and Flea hope the Dodgers won't give it away this week and come home with a trophy.

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