Tuesday, September 18, 2018

MIDWEEK SALE PLAYLIST: A Celebration of All Things Boz

Last week I had the privilege of seeing my all-time favorite musician live...William Royce Scaggs, better known by his high school nickname, Boz...in Santa Barbara.

Picture courtesy of Dwight McCann 
under CC BY 2.5 license

It was a great show and the 74 year old's voice was still perfect. Hopefully, you like him to because this week we're highlighting Boz Scaggs with three of his albums being listed at The Musick Channel Garage Sale on Ebay.

Here are some selections from those albums...

"Lido Shuffle"- Originally on his biggest hit album, 'Silk Degrees,' we have this track on 'Hits', Boz's greatest hits album, released in 1980 by Columbia.  The song tells of some con, trying to pull off one last score, and then heading into the sunset across the border.  This song is a little more rocking that the blues-infused music Scaggs usually likes to play. Great bouncy number featuring David Paich's (of Toto fame) synthesizer bridge in the middle.

"Miss Sun" - A new track for the 'Hits' album, this almost throwaway song became a big hit for Boz and is a highlight of his live show when he sings the third chorus with his backup singer, Miss Monique.

Our 'Hits!' disc is in great condition, inside and out. You'll love this collection of Boz Scaggs greatest hits plus the extra track of "Miss Sun," highlighted above.

"You Make It So Hard To Say No" Before 'Silk Degrees' and collaborating with David Paich and the Porcaro Brothers, Boz was starting to show his poppy inclinations of the 1970's with is album 'Slow Dancer.' It really showed how accessible his music could be and, with a little polishing and the help of Paich and the Porcaros, the next album struck gold and platinum. This song of a guy thinking about one that got away hits all those marks that would make 'Silk Degrees' the all-time classic album that it it.

The 'Slow Dancer' album in the garage sale is another red-label Columbia release that's in excellent condition. Come on over and make your bid or buy it on the spot.

"Hard Times" The follow up album to 'Silk Degrees' is 'Down Two Then Left.' It didn't spawn any top 40 hits but the album itself was a big seller, hitting number 11 on the Billboard charts. In my opinion, this one is just as good as 'Silk Degrees' and this number, kind of the opposite of above, of a guy falling helplessly in love highlights his way of putting his blues stamp on a catchy, danceable pop tune.

'Down Two Then Left,' with it's melting ice sculpture of Boz on the cover, is available at The Musick Channel Garage sale. It's in great condition and will make a excellent addition to your Boz Scaggs vinyl collection.

"Lowdown" His biggest, monster hit. This is the one that paid for his vineyard in Napa Valley. A song about a guy pretending he's a big shot to his girl when he's just another low. Smooth, jazzy, great lyrics, with his blues overtones, this is all Boz Scaggs distilled into one song. No wonder it became such a bit hit...even though he didn't think it would be. The anchor of the 'Silk Degrees' album, it's also on the 'Hits' disk we have for sale.

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