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MIDWEEK SALE PLAYLIST: Selections From Our Available Albums

We've got a lot of great, classic vinyl LP albums we're blowing out at The Musick Channel garage sale. All at big savings over anyone else on EBay...and if that's still to much...make a bid, give us an offer. Come on over and get some great vinyl albums for your collection today.

Here's a selection from what's on sale right now...

"Remember" - Harry Nilsson. One of the best modern composers in modern American music, Nilsson also has a tremendous voice with great range. After his big hit album, 'Nilsson Schmilsson,' Harry followed up with a collection of more personal songs, 'Son of Schmillson.' This beautiful ballad is a great example of what's on the record along with the infamous f*** you to his ex, "You're Breaking my Heart," "Spaceman," and the Caribbean flavored "The Most Beautiful World in the World." 

This disc is in excellent shape. The cover has some classic artwork on the big, gatefold outer jacket, too. Son of Schmisson at The Musick Channel Garage Sale - It's being bid on, this one will go soon. Put in your bid today or buy it now

"The Chain" - Fleetwood Mac. The story behind the making of this album, 'Rumours,' is legendary. Lyndsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were ending their relationship. John and Christine McVie were divorcing and not talking to each other. Infidelity was in the air and Mick Fleetwood found his wife was having an affair at the same time. These were five people, supremely pissed off at each other, put into a studio to make an album. Well, anger and heartbreak are the engine to great music and this is one of the best results. This song, laying out all the feelings of betrayal, was the group effort of the album. Other songs include "Second Hand News," "Go Your Own Way," and "Don't Stop." 

In original shrink wrap, this album is in excellent shape, inside and out. Rumours at The Musick Channel Garage Sale - oops, too late...SOLD

"Der Kommisar" - Falco. Johan Hözel, after doing a short stint in the Austrian army, started as a bass player in the Vienna music scene and changed his name to Falco. His manager, Horst Bork, thought this song...which combines rap for the lyrics with a sung chorus...would be his breakthough hit, since rap was just starting to become popular in America but was pretty much unheard of in Austria at the time. He was right.

Our disc is the 12 inch, 33 RPM version. In excellent shape and in Falco's native German. It's a great song from a talent that was taken away to early at the age of 40 in a car crash in the Dominican Republic...he had been intoxicated on alcohol and drugs at the time. Der Kommisar at The Musick Channel Garage Sale

"Mental Hopscotch - Missing Persons. Former Playboy bunny and Frank Zappa bandmate, Dale Bozzio went on to form Missing Persons with drummer Warren Cuccurullo and Terry Bozzio (her then husband). Along with this song about unreliable people playing games with you, this band-financed EP (only 7,000 pressings were made) had their other hits 'Words,' 'I Like Boys,' and 'Destination Unkown.'

Our version has vinyl in excellent shape. The outer jacket shows some normal storage wear and tear, and there's a small tear on the inner sleeve. Missing Persons 4-song EP at The Musick Channel Garage Sale-
oops, too late...SOLD

"Games Without Frontiers" - Peter Gabriel. After leaving as the lead singer for Genesis (a job that would be taken over by the band's drummer, Phil Collins), Gabriel recorded several solo albums. The first four were simply titled 'Peter Gabriel' and the only way to quickly tell them apart is the year they were released. 1980's version was the one where he finally broke through as a solo artist. Quirky arrangements and deep lyrics are the trademark of this LP, along with the melting face cover art that was achieved by dripping acid on Polaroid pictures.

Our album is fully intact and in great shape. It's the original Mercury 1980 release and also includes the very colorful lyric sheet insert. Peter Gabriel (1980) at the Musick Channel Garage Sale. 
oops, too late...SOLD

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