Saturday, September 22, 2018

WEEKEND PLAYLIST: The Cusp of Autumn

Fall begins today. I love that, my favorite season of the year. It follows my worst season, summer, which is too hot and miserable. Fall is perfect as the heat settles down before the cold sets in.

Composers must have a different idea because most songs about the season are melancholy and somber...odes mourning the end of summer. That's too bad.

5. "Harvest Moon" - Neil Young. Here's a beautiful song celebrating a life-long love affair. Young's a wonderful songwriter and this song, which sings many times "because I'm still in love with you" really resonates to those who are deeply in love.

4. "September" - Earth, Wind, and Fire. A simple song with some simple lyrics. Peppy and happy, we're still in love in December like we were in September. That's pretty much the entire song.

3. "California Dreaming" - The Mama's and the Papas. Living in a gray New York as fall sets in, dreaming about being in California where...the quakes and wildfires are going strong? Well, that's just our real life interrupting this pretty fantasy.

2. "If We Make it Through December" - Merle Haggard. Another sad song about the season. Someone's been laid off, hoping to make it through the end of the year where things might look up a bit, even some California dreaming in here, too.

1. "What Made Milwaukee Famous Made a Loser Out Of Me" - Jerry Lee Lewis. Fall is also time for our favorite holiday, Oktoberfest. We top this list off with a great beer drinking song for singing in your favorite beer tent or garten this fall. Presented by the killer himself.

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